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Three Things To Know About Goal Achievement

"Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right." --Aldous Huxley

As tradition has it, on New Year's Day we set far reaching goals and ambitions for all that we hope to achieve. Yet most fail within the first few weeks. The reasons are many: lack of inspiration, belief or commitment, uninspiring goals set to please others, fear of failure, fear of success, obstacles and detours and other life interferences. To greatly increase your success rates, use these approaches instead. I guarantee you will be pleased by your changes and thrilled with your results!

  • Set Intentions, not goals. If you have set a goal, you are a failure until it is reached. Once this "goal" is achieved, you will find it easy to discount. If you've been exclusively goal-driven, achievement will feel hollow and you'll question whether it was worth the sacrifice and effort to drive and chase and pursue things again because it did not bring you the satisfaction you were hoping for. Life is about enjoying the journey. You will never stop wanting. It is the natural order of things to reach higher and go farther. Example: My Goal is to lose 50 pounds and achievement comes through unsustainable strict diet, exercise, and self devaluation until that magic number is achieved. OR My Intention is to make wise choices each day to take good care of my body. Focus on each choice and be mindful of the desired outcome. Find and appreciate successes along the way. Life enjoyment and satisfaction grows each day because you are always moving in the right direction. And if a choice is not in your best interest, you have the very next moment to make a different choice. Use the contrast - not guilt - as your guide.

  • Cut down on your actions by 50% and increase your positive imagining. Know your "why." Go for the feeling of what it is like to have this already done. This is your motivator - the stronger the pull is, the more likely you are to find pleasure and enjoyment in its fulfillment. Most actions are just wasted effort, leaving you exhausted but unproductive. Connect to your inner guidance and wisdom and allow the path that is right for you to unfold step by step. Know that there are many ways to achieve what you desire. "Buy in" to each action you choose whole-heartedly. Make adjustments along the way. If you encounter negativity or resistance, back off from your current approach and find a softer way to make changes.

  • DO NOT TELL ANYONE! Setting a goal involves establishing accountability partners and those with negative attitudes will reflect back your self-criticism or tell you why you will fail. You are then challenged to overcome their judgments plus your own resistance, doubts and fears. Setting an intention is a personal decision to be responsible for your own happiness, regardless of the current situation or condition. Reality and "what is" is old news. It's the result of previous thoughts and choices. You can begin again at any moment. And when others notice your new behaviors, you can simply say "I've just decided to do what makes me feel good." No other explanation is needed.

It's our intention this year to provide even more support, new tools and positive break-through techniques for you to achieve your dreams. Let's raise the limits of what is truly possible and have your "miracles" become a daily occurrence. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@DrDar) for your daily "Encouraging Word" and "like" me on Facebook by clicking on the symbols below. Watch your email for an announcement coming soon. THE END IS NEAR!! And it's the end to struggle and disappointment and failures. You deserve the best life has to offer and now is the perfect time to allow it to unfold for you! It's an honor to be of service to you.

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