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The fastest way known to change unwanted behavior is to rewrite the script in your subconscious and reprogram your mind with positive, powerful concepts. Dr. Treese helps you change from the inside. She can effectively help you quickly change how you think, feel, and act by eliminating self-defeating habits, thoughts, and beliefs. Clinical hypnosis was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958 and by the Vatican in 1956. Dr. Treese's programs are recommended by physicians, hospitals, and businesses.
Weight Loss Smoking Cessation
Stress Reduction Overcoming Fears and Phobias
Developing Self Confidence Controlling Pain
Eradicating Unwanted Behaviors Eliminating Anxiety
Improve performance in school, sports, business, and public speaking.

Counseling and Mediation

Counseling and mediation are confidential processes to help people be open and honest about their concerns in order to work out acceptable solutions to their problems. Counseling may be done on an individual, couple, family, or group basis according to the needs of the client. Mediation is often selected as an alternative to court proceedings. It is beneficial for conflicts between business associates, divorce and child custody proceedings, family members, and those in disagreement. In counseling, Dr. Treese will help you assess the real problems and facilitate interventions. In mediation, she will use a more structured format to uncover facts, isolate issues, help create alternatives, and clarify and write an agreement that is mutually accepted.

Resolving Disputes Clearing Up Past Problems
Reaching Win-Win Agreements Avoiding Litigation
Establishing Better Relationships Defining Future Courses Of Action
De-personalizing Problems Identifying Alternative Solutions
There is no part of life that is completely devoid of conflict or differing interests. Learn how to resolve conflict and establish agreements that are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely.

Dr. Dar offers counseling and mediation on-site, in her office, and via phone. Please contact her for more information. She also offers counseling and mediation via email, and you can order that service (or a phone consultation) here.

Couples Counseling

A new service has been added; Dr. Dar now offers Couples Counseling. Please visit Couples Counseling for more information about this service.


What a personal trainer is to your body, a coach is to your mind. Coach Treese's job is to help you define your goals, establish an action plan, and aid you in achieving your objectives by providing constructive feedback and structure. Some CEO's use Dr. Treese as an objective sounding board. Some professionals use her to help prioritize and balance conflicting demands. Some companies use her services to help executives smooth out relationships with employees. Some independent business owners hire her to keep them focused and on-track.

Training And Managing Staff Balancing Business And Personal Life
Completing Overwhelming Projects Giving Unbiased Feedback
Enhancing Communication Skills Providing Direction, Focus, And Motivation
Achieving High Goals Attaining Peak Performance
Get more of what you want out of life, whether it be business and financial success, academic excellence, personal victories, improved physical health, better relationships, or career planning.

Dr. Dar offers coaching on-site, in her office, and via phone. Please contact her for more information. She also offers coaching via email, and you can order that service (or a phone consultation) here.