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April Newsletter

Creating The Present By Seeing The Future

"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time." -Abraham Lincoln

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Normally we look at our past. We can see the events that led us to our current position in life. By analyzing our past we can see where chance allowed us certain opportunities, where privilege or poverty played a part in developing who we are and where disaster or loss caused us to swerve from a previous goal or ambition.

Each individual has his or her very own, very personal story to tell and all the time we are learning. From the moment we are born we are learning how to survive in the world in which we live. If we are born to poverty, we might learn that we have to work very, very hard to survive in this world. If we are born to affluent parents, we might learn that everything comes fairly easily to us and we don't have to worry about life very much. If we are beaten, raped or robbed, we might learn that the world is a fearful place and we must be very careful. We learn lessons from everything that happens to us in our lives.

We take the lessons that we have learned through out our lives and we apply them to our present and project them into our future. Over time, we stop thinking about our options and begin to have automatic reactions, our "default" setting. When something happens, based on our past, we just automatically react in the way that we learned in the past. These "default" settings may or may not be appropriate to the situation.

Let's pretend that someone was raised in an abusive background, was always called stupid and told that they would never amount to anything. Let's also propose that this particular individual was brilliant and always received the highest marks in school. No matter how intelligent this individual is, he or she will carry the feeling of being stupid, he or she will carry the belief that they will never amount to anything. That will be their "default" setting. Since they "feel" stupid, when they are offered college or a prestigious position, they will project failure into their future and they will create a future that matches their beliefs. They might decide not to go to school, "knowing" that they would fail or they might avoid interviewing for a job that they are qualified because they "know" they won't be hired.

It is good and often necessary to understand our past, to understand what has happened to us and understand why we feel and react the way we do. But understanding the past does not mean we are doomed to repeat it. Understanding our past does not mean that we have to give up our future or our choices.

Begin to imagine what you want your future to be, not what you think it will be or what you project it to be, based on your past, but what you want it to be. Spend time everyday with your fantasy. Fill your fantasy with every detail. Know everything about your future, what it looks like, where you will live, with whom you will be sharing your life, where you will be working; see it in every detail.

Studies have shown repeatedly that the clearer you see your future, the more likely it is to occur. You begin to find ways to create that place that is so vividly alive in your mind. Opportunities that you weren't even aware of become evident. Changes begin to occur, not because of some miracle, but because your beliefs and your thoughts are beginning to change.

If you were taking a trip, you wouldn't leave without a destination in mind, you wouldn't leave without knowing how you were going to get there and you wouldn't leave without having an idea of what you were planning on doing once you got there. Spend at least as much time planning your future as you would planning a trip. Soon, that distant future will have caught up with you and it will be your present, but by then, you will already be working on new things in your life.

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