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April Newsletter

Bumps In The Road Of Life

"If things go wrong, don't go with them." -Roger Babson

It is very rare that life is without difficulty, without some conflict or disappointment. In other words, there are bumps in the road of life. It happens to everyone. It is unavoidable. The real question is: what do you do when you hit those bumps?

We learn more about life during times of stress, crisis and disappointment than we could ever learn during the "good times." Anyone can do well when there are no problems. It is when there is disappointment that we really learn of what we are made.

It is important to realize that we always have choices, even when we are faced with disappointment. Some individuals choose not to make plans anymore, because they believe they will only be disappointed. Some people choose to never look into the future again, because they "never" get what they want. What is important to know is those individuals have made a choice. They have chosen to quit trying, to stop being involved in their own lives. Those people have been hurt and to keep from ever being hurt again, they resigned from the conflict. They may not even realize that they have chosen this path. They may believe that God or fate or life has conspired against them. They may not even realize that they have decided to allow life to happen, and not participated in it. They always say, "See, I told you I never get what I want."

If we look around, we will see others that see things differently. They realize they have choices. They can choose to be bitter, depressed and angry, but they choose to look at the event in a different light. If they are told no, they ask why. They gather information so that they can decide what they want to do next. They might choose to try again. They might choose to re-double their efforts. They may realize that they really aren't destined for that path and choose another.

They know that there are an infinite number of paths from which to choose. They know that when one path is closed to them, there are a number of other roads, just as good, just as fulfilling, and just as rewarding. Maybe the surgeon dreamed of being a famous baseball player. Maybe the teacher dreamed of being a famous writer. Maybe the pilot dreamed of being an astronaut. When they found that they didn't have the talent for one thing, they chose another for which they had more talent.

Life is about choices. Our belief system determines what choices we make. A belief system is merely a thought that has been continually repeated and belief systems can be changed with new thoughts. If we believe that we are destined to be a failure, then that is what we will be. However, if we believe that we have options then we will back up and decide what we need to do next. We will stay engaged in our life. We will continue to make the best choices for ourselves.

Will everything work out? No. Will everything be perfect? No. You can still have a wonderful life; learning, growing, changing, meeting life's challenges head on. You might get a little bruised from time to time, but you will know that you were involved in your own life. You'll know that it was a great life. You'll know that it was the best life for you.

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