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How do YOU Talk to Your Child?

  • DO: Whatever you are feeling is okay.

  • DON'T: You shouldn't feel that way!

  • DO: I believe in you, I know you can handle this!

  • DON'T: Don't be such a baby.

  • DO: I feel scared (angry, lonely) sometimes too.

  • DON'T: Just get over it and cheer up.

  • DO: You have really good ideas.

  • DON'T: Here's what you should do.

Nothing is more powerful in a person's life than the words from their parents. You, the parent, have the ability to instill self-confidence and health OR shame and doubt simply by the words you choose. Learn to discipline by simple consequences rather than in anger, and speak encouragement to your child on a daily basis. Remember that they believe everything you say about them, so don't label them. Love them instead.

We Gotta Laugh

... and Dream!

We are handed our children at the hospital with little or no training in parenting! If your own parents were an unhealthy model, it's especially hard to know how to break the cycle of poor parenting. Let me give you guidelines and help in this, the most important job you will ever have. Together we will develop solutions for discipline and love that enhance your child's growth and not injure it.

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Dr. Darlene Treese has been in private practice in hypnosis and counseling since 1983. She has been internationally acknowledged for her positive action and solution-based therapies with individuals, groups and corporations. "A person for the people," Dr. Dar is always available to help you get a grip on life, health and happiness.

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