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Increase YOUR Happiness Level:

  • Tackle your problems head on with the help of your therapist. Don't avoid or postpone things.
  • Take time each day to enjoy something. Look for the little gifts life holds: sunshine, a hug or warm smile. Appreciate the taste of food, the sound of birds.
  • Avoid "awfulizing" the situations life brings. Uncomfortable? Yes, but we can survive them.
  • Remember that how YOU SEE life is how it WILL be. Recognize the power of the thoughts you focus on!
  • Give yourself the same kindness you give others.

The mind is very powerful, and our thinking causes us to experience our life as "good" or "bad." Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a style of therapy that examines the beliefs you have about your life. These beliefs came from life experiences and you may not even be aware they are controlling you. Beliefs about yourself such as "I must always achieve more than others" can cripple your enjoyment of life. CBT helps free you from those thoughts. (Burns)

We Gotta Laugh

... and Dream!

Shakespeare said, "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." While obvious tragedies do happen, we have more power than we think to make sense of them and move forward. Our work involves me using my skills to help you examine your thinking and beliefs to see where YOUR automatic thoughts are holding you back, in ways you don't even realize. Let's find freedom!

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Dr. Darlene Treese has been in private practice in hypnosis and counseling since 1983. She has been internationally acknowledged for her positive action and solution-based therapies with individuals, groups and corporations. "A person for the people," Dr. Dar is always available to help you get a grip on life, health and happiness.

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