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July Newsletter

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Tips to Build Self-Esteem

  • Watch your negative self-talk. Put a mental "STOP" sign up when you catch yourself being self- critical.
  • Write down negative thoughts. It helps to face the habit and change it.
  • Replace them with written, positive thoughts, such as "I am a happy person today."
  • Surround your environment with positive thoughts (signs, notes etc.)
  • List five things that are good about you and read them often.

Discuss these writings with your therapist.

Working on your self-esteem can change the way you see your life, and eventually change the way others see you. Consistent, simple steps such as good grooming, healthy living and getting enough rest are critical to changing the way you feel. Our emotions often follow our actions; if you "act as if" you are worthy of that effort, your feelings can begin to catch up.

        (Adapted from a CD by Dr. Linda Kats)

We Gotta Laugh

... and Dream!

Can you challenge yourself today to make that list of things you like about yourself? Whatever we focus on, increases. When you focus on what's good about you now, you start to become your own "cheerleader" and best friend.

Personal growth begins with a decision that you are worthy of the time, money and effort it takes to grow your self-esteem. I would be honored to be your guide.

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Dr. Darlene Treese has been in private practice in hypnosis and counseling since 1983. She has been internationally acknowledged for her positive action and solution-based therapies with individuals, groups and corporations. "A person for the people," Dr. Dar is always available to help you get a grip on life, health and happiness.

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