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August Newsletter

How To Motivate Yourself

"There are only two stimulants to one's best efforts: the fear
of punishment, and the hope of reward." -John M. Wilson

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Motivation, like all other personality characteristics, is a result of genetics, environment and experience. It occurs in many forms and comes from deep within the core self of who you are, what you want, and where you want to go. Motivation is both internal (coming from within you) and external (coming from others and society). If your goal is to lose weight, your internal motivation would be to live longer, feel better, and be healthy while your external motivation would be to look better to others, be more attractive, and get more social approval. Internal motivation is more powerful and longer lasting, but external motivation may be what you need to get started. In setting your goals, it is important to ask yourself why this achievement is important to you. The answer allows you to identify and work within your motivational style.

The prevailing myth is that all it takes to change is willpower. That's partly true, for there are times when you need to persevere and "gut it out". But the greatest keys to achievement are your commitment and desire for the result. The three main factors in motivation are values, enjoyment and empowerment: what you value, what you enjoy, and what brings you the greatest validation. Some people are more motivated to alleviate pain and others to pursue pleasure. For some the fear of loss is much greater than the desire for gain. This is where advertising speaks to you. It's important to know what motivates you as you set your path toward achievement.

Self-sabotage comes in many sneaky disguises. Here are some reflective questions for you to notice how it shows up for you. The answers you get may surprise you.

Nike says "Just do it!" but our natural human tendency is to avoid the stress that comes from sustained efforts. Just look at the gym membership in January and then again in March! Payoffs often do not come quickly enough to satisfy us. What keeps you going when your nature wants instant gratification? Hold that in front of you when there is the urge to quit.

Feelings of low competency, poor self-esteem and unworthiness will express themselves through unconscious thought and create self-sabotage. Shame and guilt are the ultimate destroyers. They may be feelings that things are too good to last or it's wrong for you to be wealthy if others are poor. Change is hard because we resist it. What are you resisting most?

Smart people do dumb things when they are over-determined and have the attitude of "I have to do it my way" without regard for the impact on others or listening to feedback from them. High achievers will often be driven by arrogance, stubbornness and independence that cause them to reject gifts or help of any kind so that they do not owe anyone and need not share the credit for their success. They fail to see the value of what has been offered to them. What gift did you deny today and why?

Your path will have many glitches and steer off in unexpected directions. Travel by faith, courage, persistence, and a willingness to face challenges that allows you to fail and try again. Expect doubts, setbacks and unfairness and know that no goal will ever come into your mind without the means to its achievement also being shown to you.

Dr. Darlene Treese has been in private practice in hypnosis and counseling since 1983. She has been internationally acknowledged for her positive action and solution-based therapies with individuals, groups and corporations. "A person for the people," Dr. Dar is always available to help you get a grip on life, health and happiness.

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