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August Newsletter

"A Change Of Heart:
Type-A Counseling for Type-A Habits"

"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." - Goethe

OK - it's time to fess up: You are not really the sweet, mild-mannered person that people think you are. Secretly, you have a Type-A personality and it really shows as soon as you get behind the wheel of a car. Others had better back down and get out of your way! This crazed-driver syndrome is just one of 30 or more dead giveaways for the Type-A personality - and it only takes one to label you Type A. This behavior is marked by aggressiveness, impatience and hostility. It can hurt your heart enough to kill you. It can damage personal relationships and even keep you from the success you truly desire.

The main exterior signs of Type-A behavior are aggravation, irritation, anger and impatience. They are apparent to those around, but often hidden from the self. Type A's are great in spotting Type-A behavior in others, but are awful at detecting it in themselves. Three fourths of urban males and an increasing number of females are Type A's.

So if you are a Type A, how can you accurately assess you own behavior? Be honest with yourself and get a second opinion from your spouse or friends. Ask the following questions:

  • Do I have a compulsion to win at all costs, even in games with children?
  • Do I clench my fist or jaw during normal conversations?
  • Am I easily angered or irritable, even in small things?
  • Do I detest waiting in lines or at traffic signals?
  • Do I walk, talk, or eat fast?
  • Do I grind my teeth?
  • Do I often angrily defend my unshakable opinions?

Few Type-A's exhibit all the signs, but having even one of them increases your risk of having a heart attack before age 65 and limit your possibilities for success

So if you are a Type-A, admit it and you are halfway there to kicking destructive Type-A habits. The next step is to deal with the cause of your Type-A behavior. The cause is never what you think it is. It is not rush-hour traffic, your boss, the neighbors, or the guy in the White House. The cause is low self-esteem and insecurity. Type-A people struggle to achieve and acquire more in less time. At the subconscious level they doubt that they possess the necessary abilities to perform present and future duties well enough to earn promotions and recognition and get what they want out of life. The self-induced time and perfect performance pressures build up to expressions of aggravation, irritation, anger and impatience with self and others. To conquer this deadly cycle, Type-A Counseling redefines events and rewrites the subconscious with realistic expectations and outcomes that produce more achievement with less effort.

A number of false beliefs feed the Type-A death trap. Here's a typical hard-core Type-A talking: "I don't want to be anything but a Type-A. We are the ones who make the world move. Our aggressiveness gets things done. Our impatience kicks butts and makes things happen. Besides, I have to expect a lot from myself to get ahead. There is no way that I can change (or want to change) one bit."

And here is the answer from the voice of reason: "Since when does irritation, anger and aggravation help you succeed? Does your impatience help you make timely decisions - or jump the gun with half-baked ideas? If Type-A's get things done, it is in spite of their behavior, not because of it. Fact is, Type-A's do not run the world. Type B's (calmer, less frantic people) dominate because they have more self-control. Unrealistically high expectations doom you to fail because you will never be good enough. Most important, you can change your behavior when you change your mind."

Old habits may die hard, but with Type-A Counseling and a specific drill schedule Type A's can deter heart disease and actually reverse the aging process. Dr. Meyer Friedman and Dr. Ray Rosenman, the San Francisco cardiologists who first studied and labeled Type A behavior, recently conducted a five year study on Type-A Counseling. No other therapy - not diet, drugs, surgery, or exercise - has ever achieved such remarkable results. When people modify their Type-A habits, they give themselves life - a fuller, more productive and more successful life. They give themselves the freedom to listen, to relax, to enjoy friends and family, to regain self-esteem, and to celebrate the pleasures of being alive.

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