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August Newsletter

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How Well Do You Bounce Back? A Quiz

  • Do you have a sense of humor?
  • Are you able to distance yourself from unhealthy people or situations?
  • Are you determined to be optimistic?
  • Can you adjust to change?
  • Do you love to learn?
  • Are you good at one thing (or more?)
  • Do you like yourself?
  • Do you have a personal faith in something greater than yourself?
  • Do you persevere?
  • 10. Do you express creativity in some way?

If we think we are fragile and broken, we will live a fragile, broken life. If we believe we are strong and wise, we will live with enthusiasm and courage. The way we name ourselves colors the way we live. We must find someone to help us nurture the truth that what is "right" with us is more powerful than anything that is "wrong" with us.

        N. Henderson, MSW: Resiliency in Action

We Gotta Laugh

The 12 Warning Signs Of Good Health:

  • Regular flare-ups of a supportive network of friends and family.
  • Chronic positive expectations.
  • Repeated episodes of gratitude and generosity.
  • Increased appetite for physical activity.
  • Marked tendency to identify and express feelings.
  • Compulsion to contribute to society.
  • Lingering sensitivity to the feelings of others.
  • Habitual behavior related to seeking new challenges.
  • Craving for peak experiences.
  • Tendency to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Feelings of spiritual involvement.
  • Persistent sense of humor.

... and Dream!

It is my privilege and my pleasure as your therapist to help you uncover the characteristics of a resilient person that exist in all of us. You matter to me, and I am here to provide a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere of challenge, caring, and support. Your world can only change when YOU change! What is your dream for your life? Are you ready to move toward that resilient life?

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Dr. Darlene Treese has been in private practice in hypnosis and counseling since 1983. She has been internationally acknowledged for her positive action and solution-based therapies with individuals, groups and corporations. "A person for the people," Dr. Dar is always available to help you get a grip on life, health and happiness.

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