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Dispelling Common Myth About Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Dr. Ricks Warren, a psychologist and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan released a great article dispelling the common myths.

The more common myths are:

  • Myth: Panic attacks are just an overreaction to stress. The truth is that they are more than being "too worried" or "high strung." The body's fight or flight or freeze response can last anywhere from a few moments to ten minutes and the person feels as if they are in a real and present danger.
  • Myth: You will faint from a panic attack. The truth is that your blood pressure rises rather than falls. There are other very real physical symptoms of panic attacks. It can feel like you're having a heart attack (even though you're not) and you may experience chest pain, dizziness or difficulty breathing.
  • Myth: Anxiety and panic attacks are the same thing. The truth is that anxiety is a broad term that can cover many conditions. It's worrying about something bad that could happen in the future, whether impending or off in the distance. When panic attacks start to happen, most of the worry is about when the next panic attack will occur and then people start avoiding situations and altering their lifestyles in an attempt to prevent them.
  • Myth: Deep breaths will help a panic attack. In truth, short and shallow inhalations and exhalations will prevent hyperventilating.
  • Myth: There is no treatment or cure - you will have these disorders for the rest of your life. The truth is that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with hypnosis are extremely effective in controlling and even erasing the anxiety and panic responses so that you can have a normal and happy life.

If you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, please contact us for help. Relief and ease of mind are only a phone call away - 407-278-1598

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