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Dr. Dar's Weekly News You Can Use:

Help For The Chronically Late

Dr. Ellen Hendrikson has some great tips to keep in mind to change your "always running late" behaviors into a relaxed and on-time enjoyment of life. She suggests:

  • Allow time for transition activities such as parking and walking and the time it really takes to get the kids into the car. Add extra time to the Google or MapQuest estimate rather than believing they have considered the traffic and construction that you may run into.
  • Get up on time, even if it means changing your habits at night to ensure you get proper rest. Otherwise, you'll find that you're trying to run on "fast forward" and always catching up - and that never works.
  • Change your wording and thinking from "the play is at 7" to "the curtain goes up at 7." There's a big difference between parking and walking/racing to a site or being seated and ready to go at the precise time needed. The change in semantics allows you to add extra time needed. Give yourself a 10 minute cushion to allow for delays.
  • Think and plan ahead. Do you need to look up an address? Do you need to make special arrangements before the event? What can you do in advance to get yourself out the door and on your way on time every time?

Try these things out and see what small changes you can make to guarantee that you do not keep others waiting. There's a French saying, which translates loosely to, "While you keep a man waiting, he reflects on your shortcomings." In these days that means even if you've texted that you're running late - this makes you chronically rude as well as chronically inconsiderate. Putting yourself in the shoes of those you've kept waiting is a powerful motivator to change for the better. You'll come off as more professional, more respectful, and more competent and even more relaxed.

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