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How To Improve Your Luck - Lesson 2

Can you improve your chances in life? Are there things that you can do to increase your luck? Experts who have studied psychology, random theory, synchronicity and related topics are inclined to think that you can. These experts say that aside from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, you can attract luck with almost mathematical certainty.

Dr. Anthony Pietropinto, a former supervising psychiatrist at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center in New York says that being lucky isn't dependent solely on "the fickle finger of fate" to choose you from the crowd. He says that you can boost your luck and improve your life with the following six simple tips.

  • Try new things. If you're stuck in the same rut day after day, you tend to stay in the same mode of thinking. By trying new ways of doing things, you expose yourself to more possibilities of connecting with luck. Look for exciting challenges, new hobbies and new work opportunities. Join new groups and meet new people. Get out of the rut.
  • Never risk more than you can afford to lose. If you risk more than you can afford, you're asking for bad luck. The underlying fear and pressure will sabotage any forward movement. For example, don't quit your job and say I'll find a new one later. Instead, find a new job that you are excited about and then quit the old one.
  • Let your talent shine through. People find good fortune when they are offering something unique and special. Find out what you're best at and start doing it. If you're really not sure, online career and aptitude surveys are often offered for free or reasonably priced through a career counselor. Or think about what you enjoy most and find opportunities to do that - even if it's on a volunteer or week-end basis while you are still in your current job. Imagine yourself in various careers and see what feels like a good fit for you.
  • Let others know you're there. Make as many contacts as possible. Network and follow up on chance meetings with an invitation to get together. By having a wide range of acquaintances, you increase your chances of learning from them about new jobs, fabulous bargains, the best doctors and dentists, the best places to go, the best restaurants. You all know someone who got a job or a valuable tip or World Series tickets from "a friend of a friend". By knowing a lot of people, you're putting yourself into a better position for that to happen to you and to reciprocate the giving as well.
  • Encourage back door luck. Back door luck is when you try for one thing and get something better instead. It may be going to a party that's hosted by someone you're not that close to and meeting someone you're truly interested in. It may be taking a job that you're not wild about if you see it can lead to something you truly desire.
  • Be persistent. Figure out exactly what you want and refuse to allow setbacks to discourage you. Give luck a chance to come your way. Any set back or discouragement merely means that you are not allowing what you desire - that you've been focused on the lack of it which produces more lack of it. Find a reason to be happy no matter how small or be happy for no apparent reason. You will find that luck and opportunity will find you in the most wonderful and unpredictable ways.

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