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Dr. Dar's Weekly News You Can Use:

How To Improve Your Luck - Lesson 4

Author Peter McWilliams has a list of attitudes and actions that can invite luck and blessings into your life. These are great suggestions to make a part of your life. They are small steps to dynamic results.

  • If you want to receive, give first. If you want a new coat, give an old one away. This creates a space - mental and physical - for the new and puts the whole process into motion because nature abhors a vacuum. If you want to be invited to a party, give one. If you want more money, give what you can with what you have.
  • Narrow your goals. This will leave you the time and energy to concentrate on what you want. You can have anything you want but you cannot have everything you want at the same time. Where would you put it? Make choices and set priorities for where to put your energy and attention.
  • Do something every day to bring yourself closer to your goals. Keep an eye out for luck. Can't afford that new coat right now? Enjoy strolling through the mall and just enjoy the walk while considering all that you do have. You may find a coat on sale or one at a price that you can afford or one to put on lay away. Your options and opportunities are endless.
  • Say "I want" rather than "I need." If you "need" something, you put desperation and stress in the asking and your attention is on the lack of it. If you say "I Want," your focus will be on the enjoyment of having it and the fun in being on the lookout for a great price and your subconscious will work for you in bringing things to your attention. And you will feel happy and thrilled when you get it - and eager to want something more.

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