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Dr. Dar's Weekly News You Can Use:

How To Improve Your Luck - Lesson 5

It's a psychological fact that if you can't imagine something happening to you, then it probably won't happen. If you can't imagine winning the lottery, then you probably won't even try. Most people spend their time imagining bad things happening to them and then they claim "bad luck" as they create the misfortune. Winners in every career visualize the success they want and enjoy doing it. Something that cannot be visualized cannot be actualized.

Have fun with your visualizations. How will it be to have this come true? How will your life be different? Bring in all of your senses. If it's a material thing that you desire, go look at it in a showroom. Sit down, notice the smells and textures and vibrant colors, take it for a test drive, and picture it in your driveway or your home. Get brochures and enjoy looking at them often. Play with the ideas in your mind as you consider different colors and styles and models. Visit model homes. Imagine yourself living there. Talk to people who have traveled to places that you want to see. Sit in the lobby of expensive hotels and imagine what it's like to stay there. Order coffee or visit the restaurant for happy hour.

Images and ideas that come alive in your brain can produce conditions and external acts that correspond to them. The more we think about a thing, seeing it in our mind's eye, the more we feel attached to that thing... and the more the idea or object is likely to manifest in our lives.

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