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How To Improve Your Luck - Lesson 6

Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is a Chinese art that helps you decide the best arrangement for your surroundings, from the placement of furniture and mirrors to the color of your walls and curtains. Everything is put in a certain place for one goal: to create harmony so the flow of energy through your home or workspace is positive and brings you peace and good fortune. The feeling is that if you are in balance and peace in your immediate environment, you invite good fortune into your life.

According to Chinese philosophy, the energy forces of the earth flow around us at all times. If this energy flows unimpeded, our lives are filled with peace and prosperity. But if it flows poorly or is blocked, our everyday lives fall apart.

Here are some simple things to consider:

  • Make your home and office entrances uplifting, bright, cheery and uncluttered.
  • Suspend chimes in the doorway to lift energy upward and never block entrances
  • Use mirrors to amplify light and to make confined areas appear larger. Hang the mirrors at eye level for mirrors that cut off your head can deplete your luck. Mirrors hung over fireplaces connect to wealth.
  • Put your desk in a position that affords you a clear view of the entrance without being in direct alignment with the door. Never have your back to the door.
  • Create a "wealth corner" using mirrors, plants, flowers and objects that represent wealth.
  • Put the head of your bed against a solid wall. Beds place lengthwise along a wall create an unhealthy climate.
  • Keep bathroom doors closed and the toilet seat down so your luck doesn't go down the drain.

If you feel that your life is stagnant and you are ready for a change, consult a feng shui expert or choose from one of the many books available. Sometimes just the smallest of suggestions and adaptations can lead to a greater feeling of abundance and well being.

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