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How To Improve Your Luck - Lesson 8

One of the traits that invite luck is generosity. But generosity needs to be uncalculated. Giving for the purpose of getting something back isn't likely to bring you good luck. A receiver can sense that they are being manipulated by your gift, and the energy will then become negative.

Generosity is not just defined by material gifts. Sometimes the gift of encouragement or understanding or kindness counts as more. Sometimes the rewards of generosity come quickly but usually the rewards are not immediate. The real rewards of generosity are long reaching and unpredictable. The generous person creates an unsuspected investment of good luck that builds up in the hearts of others. And there's no way to predict when this potential good luck will return to you.

You can start today to have a more generous spirit and to build up good will that will return to you in ways that will bring you good luck. Try a little harder to understand the problems of a friend and offer empathy and assistance without looking for repayment. Even listening and giving of your time is an act of generosity. Keep your ego from getting in the way and be less boastful, competitive or demanding.

Practice turning your generosity of good feeling toward the people closest to you - your family and friends. You can be generous toward the people you like and know casually - co-workers and those you come in contact with throughout your day. You can even be generous with strangers by offering a smile or holding a door open for them.

Your own generosity tends to create generosity in others. Your generous actions create an awareness of you as a warm-hearted person in the minds of others. More importantly, it allows you to feel better about yourself. And this increases the possibility and probability that others will remember a fact or share some information or produce an idea or referral that will bring you good luck.

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