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Dr. Dar's Weekly News You Can Use:

How To Lighten Up

Studies show that "good chemistry" between people means positive feelings and good health, and "bad chemistry" indicates negative feelings and poor health. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI - the study of psychology, neurology and immunology) indicates that the physiology of feelings and health can be altered by many controllable factors. You have the ability to positively or negatively impact yourself and others around you. Physicians also recognize those who positively act happy impact their health and well-being. The results indicate an innate ability to produce the brain and body chemistry naturally rather than relying on drugs to create a feeling of well being.

So are we happy because we're healthy or are we healthy because we're happy? Which comes first? The answer is that it really doesn't matter! Endorphins (the "uppers" of our body chemistry) can be produced and increased by a number of pleasurable activities such as laughing, smiling, eating, exercising, singing, cheering, listening to music, meditating, visualizing, hanging out with friends or falling in love. The physical benefits of raising endorphins include lessening of tissue inflammation, reduction of pain, relaxation of muscles, suppression of the appetite, and enhancement of the immune system. The psychological benefits include a sense of well-being that can counter fear, anger and depression. People with higher endorphin levels are friendlier, optimistic, humorous, creative, confident, perceptive, productive, popular, and more successful and wealthier. And there are no warning labels of harmful side effects!

You have good reasons to lighten up but how can you do it easily? Start with smiling more often. You haven't lost your smile - it's still right under your nose. Notice things that are pleasurable, amusing and entertaining. Make it a habit to smile at people and notice that they automatically smile back - and that's an upper for both of you! Now upgrade that smile to laughter. Relive humorous times with those close to you. Enjoy the laughter all over again. You can also laugh for no reason and watch how laughter is contagious. There's a great YouTube video showing a man at a bus stop that starts laughing about something he's thinking about and soon everyone else is laughing or smiling as well. If that's too far out of your comfort zone, get a sound clip of people laughing and enjoy 15 seconds of belly laughing in the privacy of your own home. Lead with the body and the mind will follow. Don't wait to laugh until you feel happy, laugh to boost your endorphins, and then feel happy.

Connecting with others also raises your endorphins. Show a real interest in people and speak to their strengths and not their fears. Connect with nature, with animals, with friends, with your community. Let your relationships go beyond superficial and feel that sense of belonging and camaraderie. None of these things cost anything other than your intention to feel good. Enjoy what this day brings to you!

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