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Dr. Dar's Weekly News You Can Use:

What Influences Your Success - and How To Make It Better: Associations

The people you associate with can be anyone from friends and family, to your boss, co-workers, teachers or whoever is involved with your current life situation. These people have a massive influence on your life. What other people say to us can affect our emotions but even just hanging around someone can be a massive influence on you. Attitudes and beliefs are contagious!

Every person has an energy field around them called an aura, and this aura can affect the way you feel and perceive things around you. You've had that experience of going into a place (be it a room or a restaurant) and detecting a "negative vibe". You've also sung along with The Beach Boys to "I'm picking up good vibrations." You definitely know the difference and can probably find a positive and negative vibe coming from people you already know.

It's important to associate with people who uplift you and make you feel like you can conquer the world. In other words, people that make you feel happy, secure, safe and confident. Having an encouraging conversation is sometimes one of the most healing things out there. When we're in a good conversation, more areas of our subconscious minds get activated, and there's a release of creative ideas. It almost has a healing affect on us. On the flip side, having a complaining or "ain't it awful" conversations will cause you to shut down on your problem solving skills and keep you stuck in what is rather than what you would like.

Research has shown that the 5 people you most associate with has the biggest impact on your life. So, think about - or even track in a journal - the 5 people you talk to and whether the conversation is uplifting or depressing. If there are negative people you cannot avoid (like bosses or parents), add more positive people in your life and keep the depressing at a minimum by allowing it to be what it is. Resistance and arguing makes their influence stronger and you in the quagmire. Change the 5 people you most associate with and watch every other area of your life change too.

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