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Dr. Dar's Weekly News You Can Use:

What Influences Your Success - and How To Make It Better: Childhood

Your childhood is easily one of the biggest influences in your life, because this is when your mind is most receptive and takes on a set view of the world. We tend to pay more attention to the negative things than the positive. A lot of childhood programs can be reprogrammed even into adulthood. So, if you were given certain beliefs as a child or teenager that are now self-sabotaging, those beliefs can be worked on and removed with the right level of knowledge and techniques to change things around.

The way we feel as adults in terms of our confidence level, how you feel about ourselves, our levels of self-esteem and ability to succeed in achieving all we desire are influenced by our childhood. The childhood influences in fact come from all around us, and our subconscious mind just soaks things up like a sponge. So what our parents, relatives, authority figures and friends have said to us - or what we perceived and interpreted them to say and what we say to ourselves - all have a massive impact.

Think about a goal that you truly desire that has not yet been achieved, despite your best efforts. Close your eyes and bring back your earliest childhood memory regarding that topic. Listen for a voice from your childhood giving you a negative message about it. Now give them the benefit of a doubt and understand that they wanted to keep you safe from failure and disappointment or were speaking from their own limitations and experiences and thought it would be the same for you as well. Realize that they were doing the best they could. And so are you in now letting it all go and becoming your own inner voice of love and encouragement.

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